Christmas Pompom Hangings
Christmas Pompom Hangings
Christmas Pompom Hangings

Christmas Pompom Hangings

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Why not save the landfills and ocean from this waste by breaking the monotony of a regular decor. Use these Pompom Hangings made out of upcycled textiles and pompoms to bring festive vibes with the conscious mind.

Perfect to decorate your door, doorways, walls, Christmas tree and what not.

Size: 14 Feet

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Palenquera: Celebrating Womanhood
The Story

The story behind the cultural success of the palenqueras in Colombia shows how with determination and hard work, these brightly dressed women kept the culture of their community alive and came to represent their country as a national symbol.

Left completely devastated after the slave revolt, the women of the palenque community or the 'palenqueras' began to harvest fruit and walk to the walled city of Cartagena and sell this fruit everyday. They would wear their cultural dresses and sing their cultural songs, celebrating their community. Due to this, they gained recognition and appreciation of the Colombian folk and through their tough times, these women came to represent the country of Colombia as it's national symbol.

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